Photo Gallery

Here are a variety of photos taken in the Ningaloo, over several years.

Even after years of diving every day on the Ningaloo reef, I am still astounded by the huge biodiversity of marine life in this region. I am constantly surprised to see new weird and wonderful marine life, and if I’m lucky enough, to be able to capture it on camera! I often hear locals say, when describing a day out on the water, “Wow, what a day – you just never know what will show up on the Ningaloo!”

I have arranged the photos into areas of the Ningaloo where they were taken and where we offer diving trips, as an example of what you might see. Many species however, you can see all over, or at certain times of the year. If you dive with us, I hope to be able to tick some marine life off your own bucket lists!

– Kirsten, owner and amateur photographer

Muiron Islands

Exmouth Navy Pier

Ningaloo Reef

Overnight Adventures

Whale Shark Swims