Overnight Adventures

Overnight Live Ashore Adventure

We are the only diving company to offer a 4 dive overnight trip on a deserted island! Dive on the pristine reef of the Muiron Islands or outer islands, where soft corals, turtles, sharks and glorious micro life fill every dive! After 2 dives, head to the beach and your home for the night where we set up camp, enjoy a cold beer and eat our yummy home cooked food. Crawl into your own swag tent and sleep under the stars on our very own deserted island…

Wake up to the sound of waves on the shore, hop onto the boat for breakfast, and continue your day with two more great dives… before heading back to reality. Sound like your perfect diving adventure?

What if our adventure sounds great to you but you cannot dive? No problem, you can have the same adventure with a Discover scuba dive or snorkel instead!

Certified Diver

4 dive live ashore $520

Discover Scuba Diver (non certified)

2 dive, 2 snorkel live ashore $520


4 snorkel live ashore – $490

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